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  1. Dr. Montessori’s Wise Words

    by Yesika Wesley, Primary II Parent “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind” When I look at the world today, it can be a bit disheartening. Because all I see and hear about are rumors of war, political confusion, death and dying and people being downright mean to one another. But… Continue Reading »
  2. The goal of early childhood…

    by Maria Ingram, Toddler I Parent Maria Montessori said “The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s own natural desire to learn.”  When I read this it made me think about some students I taught in high school who were completely lacking in curiosity.  When I asked students why they thought… Continue Reading »
  3. Music

    I’m really pleased with the music classes at both campuses this year, both in how the groups are coming together to learn new things, and in what they are actually learning. Toddlers are delightfully involved and interested in their singing, movement activities, and instruments. They are participating and eager in every class, and are keeping… Continue Reading »
  4. The Purpose of Praise

    Research shows that telling children, “good job”, is ineffective.  Furthermore, it creates the opposite of our intention, which is to boost self esteem. Let that settle.  How many times a day do you either say this to your child, or hear it being said to one?  On playgrounds, sports fields, in classrooms and living rooms,… Continue Reading »
  5. Music with Ms. Kathy

    All our music classes are up and running, toddlers through third graders, and are off to a good start! Toddlers are keeping a steady beat, learning how to work with sticks, and moving to music. You can reinforce that sense of steady beat by patting and rocking and bouncing them to music. Preprimary Students are… Continue Reading »