Middle School

12 years – 15 years

“The chief symptom of adolescence is a state of expectation, a tendency towards creative work and a need for the strengthening of self-confidence.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence

“Children in the third plane of development, ages 12-18, are characterized by self concern and self assessment. This is a sensitive period for both critical thinking and exploring social and moral values. Adolescents in this plane have a desire for emotional independence. (‘I can stand on my own.’)” –msb.org

In the middle school classroom, 7th-8th grade students continue to develop physically and intellectually while establishing their sense of social order. The goals of this developmental period are social, moral, cognitive, and emotional. The framework of adolescence retains the foundations for lifetime learning while deepening the practical skills and productive independence required for adulthood. Our program offers a healthy framework for academic growth with big expectations for self-development. Learn more about the adolescent curriculum.

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Middle School Fundraising

Would you like to join the family of donors contributing to the area’s first ever Montessori Middle School? Every dollar you give unlocks the potential of this amazing program and directly benefits children and families in our area. Donate, engage with us, and share our GoFundMe campaign on your social media!

The current campaign is focused on first year growth with a target of ~$31,000. That amount goes to scholarships, curriculum refinement, scope and sequence documentation in transparent classroom, consultation with Montessori Adolescent experts, and may other odds and end costs. The more of which can be funded the faster the programs succeeds.

Past Fundraisers

From 2018 to 2020, Dr. Robert and Nenita Fry matched $16,000 of funds raised by the MSH community to start the middle school program. The initial funding focused on the Adolescent program certification for Ms. Chelsea Montgomery and additional investment in curriculum development. Through the generosity of current and alumni families along with members of the greater community, the Adolescent Community launched August 2021.

Parent Education

Let’s face it. We do a lot of our research online. So if you want to learn a little more before contributing your hard earned resources, this section is for you.

We believe a Montessori program is the best education a child can have. Ultimately, you have to decide that for yourself. We’re here to answer your questions anytime, but here are a few free resources to help you evaluate whether a Montessori education is right for Huntsville’s children. First, check out our overview of adolescent program outcomes. Then consider some additional resources, below.

North American Montessori Teachers’ Association

The North American Montessori Teachers’ Association (NAMTA) has an excellent description of Montessori Middle School pulled from a number of existing Montessori schools throughout the nation.

Middle school ushers in a new level of independence, which must be provided for in the Montessori environment by increasing activity from the point of view of work level, choices, and planning…” Read more at NAMTA.org.

Montessori Rocks!

The Montessori community Montessori Rocks enthuses over everything Montessori, including Montessori middle school.

“[S]etting up young adolescents for success in high school comes down to incorporating creativity and choice, collaboration and the social nature of adolescents, and strengthening growing independence through organization and time-management skill building…Read more at montessorirocks.org.

Want to learn more or get involved with making a Huntsville Montessori Middle School happen? Give us a call (256) 881-3790  or e-mail admission@montessorihuntsville.org.