The Montessori School of Huntsville is the only accredited Montessori school in North Alabama.

We provide individualized, authentic Montessori education to students 18 months through 8th grade.


Our school is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools. SAIS is the largest regional independent school association in the country. We are also accredited by COGNIA. “Cognia Performance Standards are at the heart of continuous improvement and accreditation. They define the characteristics of a good education institution and provide guidelines for efforts that will energetically and visibly grow learners, teachers, leaders, and organizations.”

Verified School

We are an American Montessori Society Verified School. The Verified School status ensures that our school upholds the five core components of Montessori education

These five core components are:

Montessori trained teachers,

The multi-age classroom,

Use of Montessori materials,

Child-directed work, and

Uninterrupted work periods.