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  1. Function Over Fashion

    Function over Fashion: How to Take the Stress Out of Getting a Toddler Dressed After 10 + years on the teacher side of life, I always wondered why parents would send their children in crazy outfits. Sometimes the children would come to class a tutu over their sweat pants, or shorts that were two sizes… Continue Reading »
  2. We Asked…You Answered.

    Every year since 2012 we ask parents to share their opinions of our program.  We are grateful to all who answered. MSH is a unique program in that the parents “own” the school.  As enrolled families you make up the Montessori Society of Huntsville, you elect board members who oversee the policies and finances of… Continue Reading »
  3. Journey Time

    The Journey All Parents Should Take   We all want what is best for our children.  We work hard to prepare them for a successful future by providing the best education possible.  The environment we inhabit is dynamic, and learning to learn is the most valuable skill we can give our kids to ensure their… Continue Reading »
  4. Primary II Blog: The Montessori Birthday Celebration

    The Montessori birthday celebration, referred to as the “Celebration of Life,” is one of the most moving traditions we come together for in our classroom and school community.  Parents are encouraged to attend this special event honoring their child, typically beginning when the child enters the Primary classroom.  The child who is being honored is… Continue Reading »