Music with Ms. Kathy

All our music classes are up and running, toddlers through third graders, and are off to a good start!

Toddlers are keeping a steady beat, learning how to work with sticks, and moving to music. You can reinforce that sense of steady beat by patting and rocking and bouncing them to music.

Preprimary Students are developing their singing voices with many songs and activities. The best thing parents can do to help tonal memory is to provide good quality children’s recordings, those with high and light singing voices. And just sing a tone and have your child match that pitch in little echo games.  Be an owl!

Kindergarteners and first graders are doing circle dances, singing, listening, counting steady beats, and preparing for learning to play an instrument and read music. This is the perfect time to begin private instrumental lessons.

Second and third graders are reading music and playing the recorder, and moving very quickly through the book. We will learn the recorder first semester and ukuleles second semester. Take your children to concerts of all types, expose them daily to many kinds of music, get them involved and keep them listening to good music.

I’m available to answer your questions anytime.

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