1. Ms. Janaki and Ms. Alicia’s Classroom Blog

    Children learn higher level of cognitive and social skills not only through mental development, but also by observing others as models! Multi-age groupings help children develop a sense of community and supports social development. I am amazed everyday in my classroom how children of different ages are interacting and learning from one another. The older… Continue Reading »
  2. Toddler 2 Classroom News

    October Happenings in the Toddler 2 Classroom We began October with the lovely occasion of Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day. We all enjoyed it so much and were so pleased to meet extended family and friends. This month, we will observe the different colors of leaves and different shapes of pumpkins. On October 14, we… Continue Reading »
  3. Grandparents and Special Friends

    “Grandma and Grandpa are special to me whether in person or we talk on the phone…” Tomorrow little voices and big voices will ring out with this wisdom as we celebrate our grandparents and special friends. All of us at MSH enthusiastically echo this sentiment. Grandparents and family friends are a vital part of our… Continue Reading »
  4. Why I chose Montessori

    My husband and I went with friends to dinner the other night. The conversation rolled around to education and we were asked why we have our kids in a Montessori school. Thirty minutes later I came up for air and realized I might have stopped speaking right before they dozed off. I decided I needed… Continue Reading »