Grandparents and Special Friends

“Grandma and Grandpa are special to me whether in person or we talk on the phone…” Tomorrow little voices and big voices will ring out with this wisdom as we celebrate our grandparents and special friends. All of us at MSH enthusiastically echo this sentiment. Grandparents and family friends are a vital part of our organization. Their energy and creativity keep us moving forward, and we are grateful for their experience.

It turns out that grandparents and older friends are good for a family unit. They pass on the cultural heritage of the family, support the emotional development of the child, and serve as great role models providing opportunities for learning new skills. You can find out more about how grandparents support families at

I can credit my own grandmother with teaching me the all-important skill of blowing a real bubble with my bubble gum. To this day this is one of my most favorite memories of her. What are your favorite memories of grandparents and family friends? Please comment and share ways you celebrate grandparents and older friends or how you keep the connection with family who may be far away.


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