Ms. Janaki and Ms. Alicia’s Classroom Blog

Children learn higher level of cognitive and social skills not only through mental development, but also by observing others as models!

Multi-age groupings help children develop a sense of community and supports social development. I am amazed everyday in my classroom how children of different ages are interacting and learning from one another. The older children are encouraged to give lessons to younger children, and it’s amazing to watch the older child solidify what they know by teaching it to the younger child. It is just as amazing to see a younger child’s eyes focus intently on the older child as they give a lesson. This is more powerful than an adult giving a lesson. They connect more deeply with other children.

Ms. Alicia and I really appreciate the new door to the bathroom. Thank you Steve and Andy for your hard work!! Thanks to Melissa S. for taking charge of the Scholastic book orders. Special thanks to all the grandparents and friends who came to Grandparents Day. We are learning about pumpkins, leaves, and spiders in October. Again, thanks to all the parents for all the things that you do for our class.

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