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  1. Toddler II

    We hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather! We are also enjoying playing outside with colorful leaves. The children are really curious about different leaves. Also a few of them are really interested in observing various bugs. We have now a bug-watching container. Thanks to the Arthur family (Sloan) & Park family (Mason) who donated materials from… Continue Reading »
  2. Toddler II May Blog

    Greetings! I can’t believe this is the last blog from the Toddler II classroom for this school year. I need to express my gratitude to my kids, my assistant teacher, the extended care teacher, administrative staff, and the board members for all that they have done. I would also like to thank Steve Stripling who… Continue Reading »
  3. Toddler I April Blogpost

    The second half of the school year is quickly coming to an end.  All that the children in our class have learned since the first day of school is now more evident than ever.  Morning drop-offs are easier than they were during those first few months, our work cycle has expanded to mirror that of… Continue Reading »
  4. Toddler II April blogpost

    Thank you to the parents in our classroom for making our Multicultural Festival successful. Thank you to our students, also, for working so hard on their artwork to decorate our classroom. Without their help, our room would not have looked near as festive. We learned so many things about North America over the last few… Continue Reading »
  5. Toddler I March Blogpost

    Welcome Spring! This month our Toddler 1 class will be busy studying the Earth, its different continents, and the cultures of the people who live far away from us.  We kicked off our multicultural studies with St. Patrick’s Day by talking about how the holiday is celebrated in Ireland, which is a country in Europe…. Continue Reading »