Toddler II April blogpost

Thank you to the parents in our classroom for making our Multicultural Festival successful. Thank you to our students, also, for working so hard on their artwork to decorate our classroom. Without their help, our room would not have looked near as festive. We learned so many things about North America over the last few weeks. We learned about different country’s national flowers, maps, and last but not the least, the food. My children really enjoyed smelling the fajitas cook and cutting the fajita vegetables for the festival.

On April 22, we are going to celebrate Earth Day. In preparation for this, we will study about the Earth’s natural beauty and how to conserve it by recycling. We are going to make some bird feeders out of recycled materials. We are already watching our seedlings grow. We are going to work on our vegetable garden, too. Along with that, we will start exploring with the geometric solids.We will match the geometric solids with common household items that the children are familiar with, such as a juice can representing a cylinder, a wooden ball representing a sphere, and an ice cream cone representing a cone.

Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy the nice weather and have a great month!


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