Toddler II

We hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather! We are also enjoying
playing outside with colorful leaves. The children are really curious about different leaves. Also a few of them are really interested in observing various bugs. We have now a bug-watching container. Thanks to the Arthur family (Sloan) & Park family (Mason) who donated materials from the Small Hands catalog. The children are enjoying these so much. They always like new or different things to explore. Last week we celebrated Diwali and kids loved the different Diyas (oil lamps). We always try to explore new work in fun way. We also started compost for our garden. Their social development is really noticeable, such as helping others or comforting a friend when he/she is sad. It is a real pleasure to watch the toddlers growing and becoming complete human beings.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Toddler-II Teachers
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