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  1. Elementary I April Blogpost

    Wow, the weather has been nice this week! Spring is an amazing time of year. Monday morning, we went on a nature walk to listen to the birds and check out the plants that are coming up in our gardens. The Outdoor Classroom is looking great. At the moment, we have several stations for animal… Continue Reading »
  2. Elementary II Classroom Blog

    I can’t believe that Spring Break is almost upon us!  We’re still very busy preparing for the Multicultural Festival.  If you have anything from or about Europe that you would like to share with the class, that would be great! Our science/geography studies have also expanded to include biomes.  We’ve been discussing the interdependent relationships… Continue Reading »
  3. Elementary I February Blogpost

    We are so grateful to have the kindergarten students visiting our classroom! They are all so sweet! I cannot wait to have both first and second graders in our class next year. We also enjoy having parents come and observe. Please let us know if you have not had a chance to come visit this… Continue Reading »
  4. Elementary II January Blogpost

    It’s hard to believe that this is the last week of January – this month has flown by!  The children have re-adjusted to the routine well and have enjoyed reuniting with each other.  We are so excited about the new additions to our classroom – a new fourth grade student and Ms. Dola.  It is wonderful… Continue Reading »
  5. Elementary I Blog Post

    We have had a really exciting start to the new year! Happy 2014! I would like to thank Mr. Sonnie Hereford for his presentation. His story is so very inspiring, and he has a wonderful way of teaching the children about equality. The elementary classes are leading a service project at MSH called King’s Community… Continue Reading »