Toddler II September Blog

Welcome everyone! We are happy and excited to start our off year so wonderfully. First I would like to thank Maggie Patrick (Lucky’s mommy) for being our room mom again for this year. Children are enjoying their work as usual. The big ones are really helping the little ones to get comfortable in the classroom.

Our September work plan is full of apples! We are going to taste apples, make apple sauce, and do some apple artwork with our usual Montessori curriculum. We are going to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday at the end of September. We also have plans to start our Fall garden at the end of this month too. Our music and Spanish classes will start from this month.

Please mark following dates in your calendar: MSH School Meeting is on Tuesday 09/16. We are going to celebrate Pinwheels for Peace on Friday 09/19. Friday October 3 is our Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

We are all looking forward to a very good and fruitful academic year. Thank you for sharing your precious ones with us. It is our pleasure to work with them.


Toddler-II Teachers


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