Toddler II March Blogpost

Hello everyone! Hopefully we are through with the cold weather. Over the past two weeks we have finally been able to enjoy our playground before and after lunch. In March, we will observe how tiny seeds become seedlings. We have already germinated peas. Now we are going to germinate tomatoes, spinach, beets, and radishes.

Our big Multicultural Festival is around the corner on April 5. This month we will be busy preparing for that. We are representing the continent of North America. This month, we will study North American food, animals, and some popular festivals celebrated here. I know it sounds like a lot, but our kids have been really interested in learning about the continents and their native animals. They learned them so well, and I am so proud of them! The students have been making some beautiful flags of North American countries. As a classroom, we are going to make a poster about North American animals. We are very excited getting ready for the festival.

We have added some new things to our morning group time over the last few weeks. Every Monday, two children dust the shelves and tidy the classroom for job time. We also have started meditation with our peace jar after group time. It is unbelievable how much concentration they can have now! It is our pleasure to watch them grow.

Our Spring Break is March 24–28. No regular school will be available during the Spring Break, but all day extended care will be provided. If you are interested, please sign-up outside our classroom.


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