Primary III — Ms. Shree, Ms. Kelly, & Ms. Verena


Welcome to another exciting new school year. We have a wonderful class this year. Thank you very much to Julie Blauwkamp (Ian’s mom) and Eden Fears (Lilli’s mom) for being our room parents. We all are having fun learning and getting adjusted together so much that we did not know that August went by so fast. We learned classroom and playground rules. The children enjoyed when they were introduced to Land and Water, and the names of the seven continents and painting them. We (both Kelly and I) would like to thank all the parents for the Birthday gifts. It is very thoughtful of you. Our Music classes with Ms. Kathy are going very well and children are enjoying music. This month we will study about Apples, spiders, and also about our first continent, North America. Our Society meeting is on September 16. Our class will participate in the International Day of Peace on September 19. We will make pinwheels for that event.  We are amazed at the effort put forth by all the children to make our classroom peaceful and respectful! September is really going to be an exciting month full of fun activities. Thanks to you all!

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