Primary III — Ms. Shree, Ms. Kelly, & Ms. Verena

In September, we enjoyed tasting different kinds of apples such as Granny Smith, Red Delicious, and Golden Yellow. The kids learned the feel, smell and taste of the apples. They also had fun cooking with apples. Thank you for the parents who helped with the cooking class. This month, we celebrated the International Day of Peace by making pinwheels to decorate our playground and singing peace songs together. Also, in September we learned about spiders and the group they belong and made spider webs. Our class enjoyed learning about the countries and animals of North America by painting the continent and its countries and coloring the flags. Grandparents Day was successful. Kids really worked hard practicing songs for that day and they performed well. Thank you to Julie Blauwkamp (room mom) for arranging the delicious food. Thanks also to the parents who helped with the Grandparents Day craft. A big thank you to all the parents who donated to the classroom fund. October is going to be a fun month as well. We will be learning about nocturnal animals, pumpkins, and the continent of South America. Our field trip to Tate Farms Pumpkin Patch is scheduled for Tuesday, October 14th. This should be a fun community event with all the Primary and Toddler classes attending at the same time. Student sharing night and conferences are also planned for the month of October.  We have the fall festival coming on October 30th. We all are looking forward to another great month. We appreciate all the parents’ support.

Flag_Coloring_of_North_America[1] Hanging_Apple_on_The_Tree[1] Painting_North_America[1]

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