Primary III Blogpost

Hello Everyone! We finished up our human body curriculum last week. I hope the children shared with you what they learned about their bodies and how to keep their bodies healthy. Thank you so much for taking the time to come and observe our classroom. I hope you enjoyed visiting, and please come again anytime. Even though we exchanged some school days for snow days due to the winter storm, we still managed to make it back in time to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We exchanged our Valentine’s Day cards and also had some special visitors come to class and make beautiufl clay bead necklaces with the children. Thank you so much to Laticia and Matt for helping with this. If your child has been telling you they love you in Chinese and you are wondering where they learned this, it is because Xin (Cindy) Jia has been coming into our class on Thursdays to teach our class some Chinese.

This year, our class will be representing the continent of Asia for the Multi-Cultural festival, so March will be a fun- filled journey to Asia. We will be making maps, flags, tasting different types of foods, learning  about amazing places and taking a look inside life on the other side of the planet. Also this year, our classs will create a video about Asia to be presented at the Multi-Culti festival in April. Hopefully March will lend us some spring weather, so we can get outside and start getting our hands in the dirt to prepare our spring garden. We will be starting our seeds in the classroom this month, too.

We will end this month’s blog with a short story told by our kindergarten students – enjoy the creative silliness: Once there was a man, a monkey, and cookies. The man and the monkey lived in a pancake house in the town of Funnyness. There they lived happily eating cookies. One day when they were cooking a giant cookie, a magical thing happened, and the cookie came to life. The cookie said to the man,”Whoosh! I am hot!” The man was so shocked that he offered the cookie a dip in his cold pool. Meanwhile, the monkey was busy eating a banana breakfast, and when he smelled the cookie he got  hungrier, but not for bananas. The cookie saw the hungry monkey and ran away to find a cookie school where there were a lot of other cookies. Now that the cookie was safe, the man and monkey decided to just go to the grocery store.

We are always so greatful for the support that our community gives. There is a lot of love being passed around here!


“It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

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