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Welcome to autumn!

During the month of October, we jumped into learning about the difference in nocturnal and diurnal animals, as well as journeyed into the continent of South America. Our annual Tate Farms pumpkin patch field trip was a blast. We certainly were blessed with beautiful weather. A big thank you to everyone for all the For Small Hands gifts. We are just beginning to open them with the children and explore all these new materials.

November is here, and we will begin the study of the history of Thanksgiving and what Thanksgiving means to us. Also, I am sure you have all noticed that the leaves have begun to change color. Why do they do this? This is a question we will be talking and learning about this month, too. We will also begin our visit to the continent of Australia.

Check out some photos from the month of October. We are a happy, little classroom family with lots more awesome things to learn on the horizon.


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