Ms. Kathy’s Music Blog

It’s exciting to see all our music classes coming together so beautifully this year!  All the groups at both sites are learning how we conduct our classes, how to use instruments and put them away, and many new songs and activities. Already!
We will begin out toddler music after Labor Day, and the children and I are making friends with each other as I walk past their playground or in the hallway. I expect we’ll have some sweet times in music.
Primary students are reinforcing their steady beat with sticks and bells and many movement activities. We will end each class this year with a circle dance, which builds community and defines space, as well as being fun.
Kindergarteners are in the very early stages of learning to play glockenspiel, a barred pre-keyboard instrument that makes the movement of musical notes easy to see.
First graders are expanding their foundation from last year on glocks, and will be continuing their skills at reading music and learning theory.  I love that we can sing while playing the glock, since tonal memory solidifies around this age.
Second and third graders will be playing recorder, a pre-woodwind instrument. They will develop fine motor coordination by isolating the fingering for each tone, as they also read the notes and learn more musical theory from their music books. We sing every song before learning to read the music and play it.
This year we are conducting kindergarten and both elementary classes in our new Special Room, formerly the resource room. Ms. Carmen and I are both enjoying having our own space for our classes so much!  Come see our room!
Thank you for the honor and privilege of teaching your children!

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