Sure-Fire Ways to Get the Most Out of Sharing Night

We are so excited to have you join us tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10 for Children’s Sharing Night.  Sharing night offers you an opportunity to see the classroom through your child’s eyes.

Rather than focusing on the list of what not to do on sharing night, e.g. don’t prompt your child, avoid generalizing praise, don’t correct mistakes, here’s the recipe for enjoying your sharing night experience and ensuring that you get the best view of what your child is actually learning.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can get into and out of the child size chairs if you have a toddler or primary student.  Praise the effort, not the result.  “You put a lot of work into that”  will take your child farther in life than “You are so smart.”  Give your child your quiet, undivided attention.  Listen, watch and relax.  Here are a few questions to ask your child to get the most of our sharing night.

  1. How do you choose a work?
  2. What is your favorite (math, language, sensorial) work?
  3. Does your room have a peace corner?  Can you show me?
  4. What is your favorite area of the classroom?  Why do you like this area?
  5. What is the most challenging work you have completed recently?
  6. Which work did you have a lesson on recently?

And best of all, before you leave sharing night please ask your child, “Will you give me a lesson?” The confidence your child will gain from sharing her own expertise will be immeasurable. We look forward to seeing you!

sharing night photo


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