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We have had a wonderful beginning to the school year!

As most of you know, our first service work project this year was to raise money for Heifer International. The children really enjoyed the practical implications of this project. It made perfect sense to them to raise money to buy a flock of chickens to give to a family in need. They could clearly understand how the family would be able to eat the eggs and also be able to sell them at a market so that they could buy other necessities. The children, with your help, raised enough money to buy two Flocks of Hope and also a Bee Kit to help families around the world.

Our next project will be Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. This is an excellent project that will involve the whole school. Last year, we raised $358 to help children around the world have better health and education opportunities. Our goal this year is to raise enough money for a School-in-a-Box to help kids learn anywhere in the world and for a bicycle to deliver medicine to rural villages. Our class will also host a hot apple cider stand one fall morning to help with the project.

In the classroom, the children have been busy with their daily work and have been participating in a lot of new lessons. They continue to work diligently in language and math. Also, we are studying North America in geography. They have all painted maps and together created a banner of all the flags of North America. We will further our study into the plants, animals, biomes, and people of the continent. I also taught the children a little about my trip to Greece. We discussed the climate, people, food, currency, a little history, and I attempted to teach them a few Greek words. I also brought back olive and lemon Greek candy for the children and all the teachers to try. It was delicious!

I want to thank Emery (Griffin’s mom) for donating a beautiful orange chrysanthemum to help us welcome fall! Our pollinator garden will fade soon with the cooler temperatures, so if someone would like to donate a flat of violas, we would greatly appreciate it!

We are looking forward to Grandparents and Special Friends Day on October 3rd. Please be on the look out for a sign-up sheet to bring food, flowers, etc.

We have a field trip to the Botanical Gardens this Friday, which I know will be awesome. Thank you in advance to all the sweet parents for chaperoning this trip!

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