Elementary 1 Blog Post

We have all really enjoyed the kindergarten move-up days! My first and second year students absolutely love to help guide the little ones around the classroom. I pair each kindergartener with one of my students, and they work through the morning together. It makes my students feel so good to be looked up to as leaders. They have worked with golden beads, bead chains, reading comprehension, puzzle maps, rainforest grammar mat work, parts of speech work, and a lot of other various material around the classroom. This morning, it was time to do our Junior Great Books story with the first year students, so I included the kindergarteners in the lesson, as well. They loved the story and even wanted to work on the follow-up activity.


The kindergartners seem to have really enjoyed visiting us. As I walked the children back to their classrooms, they have said things like, “Can I come back tomorrow?” and “Why can’t we stay all day?” and “I had fun in elementary.” These little ones definitely put a smile on my face!


One of my favorite things about our little Montessori school is the connections the children share. When the kindergarteners come visit our classroom, there is already a sense of community because the kids all know each other. Either they were in class with each other the previous year, their parents are friends, they have some of the same friends, they know a sibling, or they talk over the fence at recess. These connections help their transition and definitely make the children more at ease in the classroom which opens their minds to learning. I am already looking forward to seeing them next year!

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