Policies and Procedures

Children from 18 months of age through 8th grade are eligible for admission to MSH.

It is with an abundance of caution that during the COVID-19 Pandemic, MSH is closed to visitors so that we can ensure the continuance of on-campus learning for MSH students. This protocol is subject to change and will be updated on this page as circumstances change. Our current Virtual Admission Process is outlined below:

  1.  Virtual Admission Appointment: To initiate the enrollment process, families will contact
    MSH to schedule a Virtual Admission Appointment in lieu of an in-person tour. Tours last from 20-40 minutes and are offered by appointment only. We value this opportunity to get to know you as well as your child during the admission process. During this meeting, you will be able to ask questions regarding our educational philosophy, curricula, logistics, or any other questions you might have about your child’s application.
  2. Submit an application and $150 application fee: Following your appointment, the application for enrollment link will be emailed to you. Within 48 hours of receipt of the application, a payable online invoice will be sent to the email address provided. If you are applying to the waiting pool, your child’s name will be added once the application and fee are received. The completed application and fee are required for all children to move forward with the next step in the application process.
  3. Begin reading Follow the Child: The Basics, the Misconceptions, and the Underlying Lessons of a Montessori Education. A copy will be provided to you to read throughout the admission process. Families may choose paperback or Kindle format.
  4. Request student records/transcripts and ensure an up to date immunization record: If your child is currently attending another school, please request their records to be sent to the Montessori School of Huntsville ATTN: Admission 15975 Chaney Thompson Rd. Huntsville, AL 35803.  A current Alabama Immunization Record or Religious Exemption must be on file for your child’s first day of school. Delays in submission of this document will postpone the start date for your child and tuition will not be prorated for days missed.
  5. Virtual Interview Process: In place of on-site interviews and trial days, your family will meet with classroom teachers virtually so that you and the teachers have an opportunity to become acquainted and share relevant information regarding your child .  Depending on your child’s age and program level, you will be asked to participate in a Family Meet & Greet via Zoom, complete a questionnaire, and/or a Student Interview via Zoom.
  6. Notification of enrollment status: Assuming that families, guides and the administrator agree that enrollment is appropriate, your child will be conditionally enrolled and assigned to a class or, if enrollment is full, placed in the waiting pool for the intended program.
  7. Completion of Admission Documents and Enrollment Agreement: Admission paperwork and the enrollment contract will be sent to the email address provided via Transparent Classroom, our online record keeping system. All admission and financial documents must be completed in full and signed before admittance will be granted. A $300 supply fee is due on March 1, 2020 or at the time of enrollment if enrollment occurs after March 1. Enrollment in MSH is renewed annually, with the student records updated and fees required each year. The re-enrollment period begins in January for the coming school year. Currently enrolled families have until January 31 to secure their place for the next year before enrollment is opened to the community at large on February 1.

Program Eligibility by Age

The Montessori School of Huntsville offers programs for children 18 months through sixth grade. Applicants to the school may be admitted to our programs based on the following ages:

Toddler 18-36 months

Children may enroll in the toddler program on or after they turn 18 months of age. Children in the toddler program must move to the primary program by 36 months of age.

Primary 2 1⁄2 through 6 years of age

All new-to-MSH children must be 3 by September 1 to be eligible for entry into the Primary program. Children moving up from the Toddler program may begin the primary program as early as 21⁄2 years of age and remain in the primary program typically through their sixth birthday. The capstone year of the primary program is referred to as the Kindergarten year. Children must be 5 by September 1 to be considered as a Kindergarten student.

Lower Elementary 6 through 9 years of age

Children may join the Lower Elementary classroom at 6 years of age. Children must be 6 by September 1 to be eligible for the lower elementary program.

Upper Elementary 9 through 12 years of age

Children may join the Upper Elementary at 9 years of age.

Adjusting to a New Program

An adjustment period is expected for all newly enrolled children and children bridging from one program to the next. All toddler and primary children (18 months – Kindergarten) will have a phasing-in week at the beginning of each school year, or upon entry into either program midyear. The phasing-in week is designed to assist children with settling into the new environment. Each child is different, and one may need more time than another to feel comfortable in a new setting. Your child’s guide will contact you to set up an abbreviated schedule that allows your child to transition smoothly into the new classroom environment. The phasing-in week is critical to a successful trial period for our younger children. Good communication between you and your child’s guide will smooth the transition.

Please note that morning and afternoon extended day are not available for all toddler and ‘new-to-MSH’ primary children during the phasing-in week.

Children bridging from the toddler to primary program who were previously enrolled in the full day toddler program will be considered on a case by case basis for morning and/or afternoon care during the phasing in week.

While the phasing in period lasts just one week, many children need anywhere from four to six weeks to adjust to the new environment, caregivers, and routines. When a child has difficulty transitioning into a new environment, families and guides will collaborate to develop a plan of support including, but not limited to interventions, accommodations, schedule adjustments, and outside evaluations.

Waiting Pool

The Montessori School of Huntsville reserves the right to accept applicants based on the following priorities: (1) Siblings of currently enrolled families (2) Children of MSH staff (3) Children of previous MSH society members and legacies. Within each of these enrollment categories, enrollment is offered according to longevity on the waiting pool and availability of age-related space. If the class is full, your child’s name will be placed in the waiting pool upon receipt of the Application Fee. Once a spot becomes available the family will be notified, and you will be given three business days to respond before we move to the next family. If the spot offered is accepted, the family will have one week to complete a contract and pay all applicable fees.