1. Art with Dr. Hequembourg

    As a brief introduction for those parents who do not know me: my name is Laticia Hequembourg, my daughter Harper attends kindergarten at MSH (she is in Shree and Leela’s class). Teaching and creating art are among my greatest passions in life. I hold a PhD in adult education from Auburn University. My dissertation explored… Continue Reading »
  2. Music with Ms. Kathy

    All our music classes are up and running, toddlers through third graders, and are off to a good start! Toddlers are keeping a steady beat, learning how to work with sticks, and moving to music. You can reinforce that sense of steady beat by patting and rocking and bouncing them to music. Preprimary Students are… Continue Reading »
  3. Function Over Fashion

    Function over Fashion: How to Take the Stress Out of Getting a Toddler Dressed After 10 + years on the teacher side of life, I always wondered why parents would send their children in crazy outfits. Sometimes the children would come to class a tutu over their sweat pants, or shorts that were two sizes… Continue Reading »