1. Practical Life

    Practical life…practically amazing I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work in several Montessori schools across the nation.  One of the most common concerns from parents is…”My child spends too much time in practical life…” What Maria Montessori called the exercises of Practical Life actually help children’s brains develop. With the repetitive movements, the child is… Continue Reading »
  2. A Child’s Creed

    A Child’s Creed: …I believe I was created with a unique potential to love. My work and play are the development and expression of my love towards myself, others, and my environment. Yes it gets messy at times. …I believe I am an amazing soul with a body and a mind. My favorite experiences and… Continue Reading »
  3. Pennies for Peace – Lower Elementary Blog

    Monday, September 21, is International Day of Peace. This year,the elementary students will be leading Pennies for Peace. We will have a table set out Monday morning for donations to UNICEF to go toward the Syrian Refugee Crisis. We hope that each child will bring in a penny for peace.  We’ll leave out the collection… Continue Reading »
  4. Why a Multi-Age Classroom in Montessori?

    In a Montessori classroom, multi-age groupings offer a great range in the social,  intellectual and learning needs among the group of children.  In traditional classroom settings, where children are grouped according a single age or grade, the environment and curricula often reflect the expectation that children’s developmental and academic needs are progressing at the same pace…. Continue Reading »