1. On Walking

    Dr. Montessori devoted an entire chapter of her book, The Secret of Childhood, to walking with a young child. She says with importance that a child who can walk must never be carried. What a difference from our usual way, isn’t it! She explains further that young children walk for completely different reasons than adults… Continue Reading »
  2. Primary III — Ms. Shree, Ms. Valerie, & Ms. Verena

    We are excited to start another new school year with a wonderful class. A big “Thank you” to Lauren and Lariza for being our room parents. We all are having fun learning and getting adjusted together so much that we did not know that August went by so fast. We learned classroom and playground rules…. Continue Reading »
  3. Ms. Kathy’s Music Blog

    It’s exciting to see all our music classes coming together so beautifully this year!  All the groups at both sites are learning how we conduct our classes, how to use instruments and put them away, and many new songs and activities. Already! We will begin out toddler music after Labor Day, and the children and I are… Continue Reading »
  4. Toddler-II Ms. Jayati

    Welcome to a new school year. We are in the third week of the new school year. The children are getting adjusted with their new routine. This is the first school year for many of them. As their guide, I try to prepare the environment as much as possible, home away from home. My returning ones… Continue Reading »