1. Love, Liberty & Learning – Toddler II

    Hello Friends, Spring is finally here. We had a nice experience today doing yoga in the playground. Last week we started to plant herb seeds. We are going to start our garden this week. April 4, 2015 Saturday is our Multicultural Festival day. This year we are presenting North America. We have already started to… Continue Reading »
  2. Primary 2 Blog Post

    Hello , Primary 2 families!  Its been an eventful winter and we are looking forward to warmer temperatures…Spring is just around the corner!  The end of February began our study of Asia with the celebration of Chinese New Year.  Following discussions of the holiday, we collectively created a dragon, made lanterns, and ordered lunch from… Continue Reading »
  3. Hot Topic: Homework

    Homework policies are one of the topics being highlighted at the American Montessori Conference in Philadelphia today.  What are your thoughts about the homework assignments and/or activities that you did as a child?  How are they different or similar to those your child has experienced?  What are your thoughts on homework and its benefits or… Continue Reading »
  4. Sure-Fire Ways to Get the Most Out of Sharing Night

    We are so excited to have you join us tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10 for Children’s Sharing Night.  Sharing night offers you an opportunity to see the classroom through your child’s eyes. Rather than focusing on the list of what not to do on sharing night, e.g. don’t prompt your child, avoid generalizing praise, don’t correct… Continue Reading »