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Love, Liberty & Learning – Toddler II

Hello Friends,

Spring is finally here. We had a nice experience today doing yoga in the playground. Last week we started to plant herb seeds. We are going to start our garden this week. April 4, 2015 Saturday is our Multicultural Festival day. This year we are presenting North America. We have already started to work on different projects.

My sincere acknowledgement goes to:

~ Kelly and Chris (Roman’s parents, for donating money for classroom materials).

~ Maggie (Lucky’s mother, for helping us to do our art work for auction).

~ Genie and John (Jackson’s parents, for donating soil for our garden).
I would like to share my experience at the AMS conference in Philadelphia. I attended many sessions on toddler age group, such as art, language, and positive discipline. We need to provide the environment where they will be free to move and learn. The important concept that transpired from the sessions was bonding with children with love and affection, and to be creative as a teacher.

“We serve the future by protecting the present.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

I really feel fortunate to work with my kids. They give me so much scope to learn. I am thankful to MSH to give me the opportunity to work with them.

Have a great spring break!
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Primary 2 Blog Post

Hello , Primary 2 families!  Its been an eventful winter and we are looking forward to warmer temperatures…Spring is just around the corner!  The end of February began our study of Asia with the celebration of Chinese New Year.  Following discussions of the holiday, we collectively created a dragon, made lanterns, and ordered lunch from a local chinese restaurant to enjoy a lovely lunch with all of the kindergarteners.  For the next several weeks our class will be preparing our classroom for the Multi-Cultural Festival which will be held on the first Saturday of April.  We will present the continent of Asia with all of its diverse languages, cultures, beliefs, cuisines, holidays, and celebrations.  This is a very special event and we hope to see all of our families there.  Very soon a sign-up sheet will be posted right outside our classroom with recipes to make for it.  If your family has a special asian dish you would like to bring to share, please do so!


In addition to our study of Asia, our work in Practical Life, Math, Language, and Sensorial continues to bustle with great energy.  This month we are also going to focus on learning about the human body.  Fascination towards all the new materials and books proved very quickly that this  topic is quite interesting for the children already.  We have begun discussions  about the organs by starting with the heart and we have helped the children become aware of the function of the heart and how it pumps blood through the body.  An exciting group lesson will be given about the components of blood in which plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets will be visually represented for their understanding.  The skeletal system will be introduced and nutrition will also be a topic of study.  Lessons on how to fuel our bodies with nutrition have been a constant theme in our classroom all year so it is fulfilling to see the children be able to make the connection.  In addition to discussing and demonstrating healthy eating habits, everyday Sarah and I strive to build on their developing existence in the world.  We feel strongly during our study of the human body to especially make sure the children further understand the importance of the whole self…..mind, body, and spirit.  As we develop their knowledge of their bodies, we are thoughtful to help them make other associations as well.  Each day we use meditation as part of our morning routine and it is a short amount of time in which the children are asked to recognize their inner peace.  We ask them to visualize, love, peace, generosity, and happiness and to share with each other their thoughts. It is always a treat to hear their words and to see the children listen to and support each other.  These moments only take a few minutes of our day, but for the health of their little bodies, to include their minds and spirits, the whole self is greatly impacted!


As always, thank you for sharing your children with us each day and for supporting our classroom in so many ways!  We appreciate you.

Monica and Sarah

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Hot Topic: Homework

AMS homework AMS Homework 2

Homework policies are one of the topics being highlighted at the American Montessori Conference in Philadelphia today.  What are your thoughts about the homework assignments and/or activities that you did as a child?  How are they different or similar to those your child has experienced?  What are your thoughts on homework and its benefits or drawbacks?  We can’t wait for Mrs. Hill to return and share all she has learned.

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Sure-Fire Ways to Get the Most Out of Sharing Night

We are so excited to have you join us tomorrow, Tuesday, March 10 for Children’s Sharing Night.  Sharing night offers you an opportunity to see the classroom through your child’s eyes.

Rather than focusing on the list of what not to do on sharing night, e.g. don’t prompt your child, avoid generalizing praise, don’t correct mistakes, here’s the recipe for enjoying your sharing night experience and ensuring that you get the best view of what your child is actually learning.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes so you can get into and out of the child size chairs if you have a toddler or primary student.  Praise the effort, not the result.  “You put a lot of work into that”  will take your child farther in life than “You are so smart.”  Give your child your quiet, undivided attention.  Listen, watch and relax.  Here are a few questions to ask your child to get the most of our sharing night.

  1. How do you choose a work?
  2. What is your favorite (math, language, sensorial) work?
  3. Does your room have a peace corner?  Can you show me?
  4. What is your favorite area of the classroom?  Why do you like this area?
  5. What is the most challenging work you have completed recently?
  6. Which work did you have a lesson on recently?

And best of all, before you leave sharing night please ask your child, “Will you give me a lesson?” The confidence your child will gain from sharing her own expertise will be immeasurable. We look forward to seeing you!

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