1. Parent Observation Month- Toddler 1 Ms. Becky and Ms. Lacey

    February is Parent Observation Month here at MSH.  Our toddler parents will be observing through the videos the teachers have recorded, while parents at other levels will be observing by sitting in the classrooms.  While observing try asking yourself these questions:                      How do the children… Continue Reading »
  2. Primary III — Ms. Shree, Ms. Valerie, & Ms. Verena

    In this month of January, after returning to school from the winter break, we have been exploring the organs of our human bodies and our five senses. Since the human body is so amazing, we will continue our human body curriculum into February, learning about our skeletal system. Children enjoyed the presentation about the digestive… Continue Reading »
  3. The Journey All Parents Should Take

    We all want what is best for our children.  We work hard to prepare them for a successful future by providing the best education possible.  The environment we inhabit is dynamic, and learning to learn is the most valuable skill we can give our kids to ensure their future success. At MSH, we believe that… Continue Reading »
  4. Toddler II January Blog

    As a toddler teacher, it has been my pleasure to watch my students grow since they were 18-months old and just beginning to really communicate. Within a year they learn to take on new responsibilities. All 2 1/2 and 3-year old children take turns to prepare the class snack in the morning. Also they help me… Continue Reading »