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Primary 2 Blog Post

Our 2014 – 2015 school year is well under way in Primary 2!  A big welcome to our returning families as well as all the new ones.  We are several weeks into the year and we are both enjoying your children everyday we are with them.  Each little personality is settling into our daily class routines and exploring the materials enthusiastically.

Our focus for the next few weeks will be to continue to guide the children in understanding proper classroom etiquette with each other and the materials.  We will concentrate on developing communication skills with one another by emphasizing our grace and courtesy throughout our day.

The month of September has begun our study of Fall.  In addition to discussing the seasonal changes, apples will also be a unit of study in our classroom.  We will be introducing the globe to the children in order to begin our geography studies, followed by lessons on “Land, Air, and Water” to help facilitate our discussions related to the world we live in.

Our daily morning circle time is where we have introduced the study of history to our students.  The concept of time with the days of the week and months of the year help the children realize a connection with “Past, Present, and Future”.  One very important history lesson we’ve had is learning about Maria Montessori and we even celebrated her birthday at the end of August. Science lessons for this month will include exploring and experimenting with the five senses and identifying and classifying living versus non-living things.

The children are enjoying our music enrichment class with Ms. Kathy each week, and we are sure you have heard from your children some of the songs she has been teaching them! Our Spanish class with Ms. Carmen will begin soon, and we are looking forward to hearing the children practice their Spanish speaking skills.Thank you for sharing your children with us.  We love being a part of their lives, and we are honored to teach them.

Ms. Sarah and Ms. Monica

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Elementary I Blog

We have had a wonderful beginning to the school year!

As most of you know, our first service work project this year was to raise money for Heifer International. The children really enjoyed the practical implications of this project. It made perfect sense to them to raise money to buy a flock of chickens to give to a family in need. They could clearly understand how the family would be able to eat the eggs and also be able to sell them at a market so that they could buy other necessities. The children, with your help, raised enough money to buy two Flocks of Hope and also a Bee Kit to help families around the world.

Our next project will be Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. This is an excellent project that will involve the whole school. Last year, we raised $358 to help children around the world have better health and education opportunities. Our goal this year is to raise enough money for a School-in-a-Box to help kids learn anywhere in the world and for a bicycle to deliver medicine to rural villages. Our class will also host a hot apple cider stand one fall morning to help with the project.

In the classroom, the children have been busy with their daily work and have been participating in a lot of new lessons. They continue to work diligently in language and math. Also, we are studying North America in geography. They have all painted maps and together created a banner of all the flags of North America. We will further our study into the plants, animals, biomes, and people of the continent. I also taught the children a little about my trip to Greece. We discussed the climate, people, food, currency, a little history, and I attempted to teach them a few Greek words. I also brought back olive and lemon Greek candy for the children and all the teachers to try. It was delicious!

I want to thank Emery (Griffin’s mom) for donating a beautiful orange chrysanthemum to help us welcome fall! Our pollinator garden will fade soon with the cooler temperatures, so if someone would like to donate a flat of violas, we would greatly appreciate it!

We are looking forward to Grandparents and Special Friends Day on October 3rd. Please be on the look out for a sign-up sheet to bring food, flowers, etc.

We have a field trip to the Botanical Gardens this Friday, which I know will be awesome. Thank you in advance to all the sweet parents for chaperoning this trip!

students Elijah working 2014 students Greek treat 2014 students Heifer International 2014 students JGB outside 2014 students Riley working 2014Happy Fall!

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Primary I Blog Post

Hello every one! It is always our pleasure to see your children moving forward in all areas of our class! Everyone is working on following classroom rules and enjoying our classroom routine. All the children are getting new lessons. There is a lot of focus, concentration, movement, balance, team work, sharing, caring and all these are flowing beautifully in our Montessori classroom. Some children are mastering these skills and some of them are working on it. We had our first cooking class. Children loved it.

Parents, please send in Montessori bags on Fridays. We do not have enough room in our cubbies for backpacks. On Friday your kids will bring all their paper work in a Montessori bag. Please save my phone number for any comments or concerns that you have about your child. You could reach me on my cell ( 256-348-3878 ) or via email . Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to discuss and work with you to improve your child’s growth in our Montessori class

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Toddler I Blog Post

Getting a toddler to eat healthy and try new foods is something that often stumps parents. We often hear from parents, “My child only eats hotdogs;” “My child only eats chicken nuggets;” “I cannot get him to eat anything;” or “Meal time is often a battle.” Over the years we have found that the best way to encourage a toddler to try new things is to make them part of the process.

In May we planted our garden. The children were an active part of the planting and care of our garden. They loved digging in the dirt, watching the plants grow, caring for them, and harvesting what they planted. This summer, we enjoyed carrots and radishes from the primary garden, as well as tomatoes and butternut squash from our own garden. Surprisingly not only did most of the children eat the vegetables, but they loved them and asked for more!

Helping with food prep and simple cooking methods is a large part of the curriculum. As the school year progresses, the children will even begin to help prepare their daily snack. Encourage your children to help out where they can in the kitchen. Maybe ask them what they would like for dinner every now and then and have them help you pack their lunches. Helping with grocery shopping can also be a fun and exciting task for toddlers. They are little sponges at this age and love learning new things using their senses. What could be a better way to broaden their food horizons than getting them involved!

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Toddler II September Blog

Welcome everyone! We are happy and excited to start our off year so wonderfully. First I would like to thank Maggie Patrick (Lucky’s mommy) for being our room mom again for this year. Children are enjoying their work as usual. The big ones are really helping the little ones to get comfortable in the classroom.

Our September work plan is full of apples! We are going to taste apples, make apple sauce, and do some apple artwork with our usual Montessori curriculum. We are going to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday at the end of September. We also have plans to start our Fall garden at the end of this month too. Our music and Spanish classes will start from this month.

Please mark following dates in your calendar: MSH School Meeting is on Tuesday 09/16. We are going to celebrate Pinwheels for Peace on Friday 09/19. Friday October 3 is our Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

We are all looking forward to a very good and fruitful academic year. Thank you for sharing your precious ones with us. It is our pleasure to work with them.


Toddler-II Teachers


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