Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Troy Moore, Chair (2013-2016),

Chair, Business Systems Committee

Ashley DeHaye, Vice Chair (2012-2014),

Chair, Compensation Committee

Chair, Spring Zing 5K Committee

Matt Cox, Treasurer (2013-2016),

Chair, Finance Committee

Jennifer Pearson, Secretary (2013-2015),

Chair, Bylaws Committee

Chair, Nomination Committee

Allison MacKenzie, Head of School,

Board Members

Bonita Owens (2013-2014),

Andy Goens (2013-2014), 

Chair, Long-Range Planning

Danyell Miller (2013-2015),

Chair, Parent-Teacher Committee

Amber Brookman (2013-2015),

Chair, Communications Committee

Steve Stripling (2013-2016),

Chair, Buildings and Grounds Committee

Janette Parker (2013-2015),