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Primary III — Ms. Shree, Ms. Valerie, & Ms. Verena

We are excited to start another new school year with a wonderful class. A big “Thank you” to Lauren and Lariza for being our room parents. We all are having fun learning and getting adjusted together so much that we did not know that August went by so fast. We learned classroom and playground rules. The children enjoyed when they were introduced to land and water, and the names of the seven continents. They learned the difference in taste between sea water (salt water) and fresh water. We also started learning about sea life. We would like to thank all the parents for the birthday gifts. It is very thoughtful of you. Our music classes with Ms. Kathy and Spanish classes with Ms. Carmen are going very well, and the children are enjoying both the music and Spanish. In September, we will study about apples, trees, and also about our first continent, North America. Our Society meeting is on September 15. We are amazed at the effort put forth by all the children to make our classroom peaceful and respectful! September is really going to be an exciting month full of fun activities. Thanks to you all!


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From the Head (and the heart)

MSH Family and Friends,

Lacey Champion

For the last ten years Ms. Lacey Champion has been dedicated to loving the students of MSH and guiding both toddlers and their parents through their first school experience.  She has wiped tears of both students and their parents and been an integral part of the success of our toddler program.  On the evening of Friday, August 7 she experienced a health crisis of her own and is currently under treatment at Huntsville Hospital after experiencing a serious cardiac event.  While she is improving everyday, she will need our ongoing support to return to full health and then return to the classroom.


Those who know Lacey recognize that she is not just a colleague, but a dear friend to many here at MSH.  To support Lacey and her family during this time, Becky Spooner has set up a Take Them a Meal page to provide food for Lacey and her family during her convalescence.  You can sign up to provide a meal at this link: and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Champion) and password (9491).


In addition, the medical care that Lacey is receiving and the subsequent costs to her family while she is hospitalized are a strain for private school teacher’s salary.  Her colleague, Brandy Lighthall has started a Go Fund Me page for Lacey and her family at this link:


Many of us are very busy and stretched with our resources, but if you are able to make a small donation it would be helpful as the family overcomes this challenge.


Lacey is making improvements every day.  We are happy to pass well-wishes on from you.  For convenience, Becky will be delivering the donated meals to her home, along with any notes or messages of support you would like to send.


I hope you will take time to show your love for Ms. Lacey.  In whatever way you can contribute, please do so.  She does so much for children and the school.  Let’s now do something to care for her. and locating the schedule by recipient last name (Champion) and password (9491).

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Primary 2 Blog Post

Hello , Primary 2 families!  Its been an eventful winter and we are looking forward to warmer temperatures…Spring is just around the corner!  The end of February began our study of Asia with the celebration of Chinese New Year.  Following discussions of the holiday, we collectively created a dragon, made lanterns, and ordered lunch from a local chinese restaurant to enjoy a lovely lunch with all of the kindergarteners.  For the next several weeks our class will be preparing our classroom for the Multi-Cultural Festival which will be held on the first Saturday of April.  We will present the continent of Asia with all of its diverse languages, cultures, beliefs, cuisines, holidays, and celebrations.  This is a very special event and we hope to see all of our families there.  Very soon a sign-up sheet will be posted right outside our classroom with recipes to make for it.  If your family has a special asian dish you would like to bring to share, please do so!


In addition to our study of Asia, our work in Practical Life, Math, Language, and Sensorial continues to bustle with great energy.  This month we are also going to focus on learning about the human body.  Fascination towards all the new materials and books proved very quickly that this  topic is quite interesting for the children already.  We have begun discussions  about the organs by starting with the heart and we have helped the children become aware of the function of the heart and how it pumps blood through the body.  An exciting group lesson will be given about the components of blood in which plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets will be visually represented for their understanding.  The skeletal system will be introduced and nutrition will also be a topic of study.  Lessons on how to fuel our bodies with nutrition have been a constant theme in our classroom all year so it is fulfilling to see the children be able to make the connection.  In addition to discussing and demonstrating healthy eating habits, everyday Sarah and I strive to build on their developing existence in the world.  We feel strongly during our study of the human body to especially make sure the children further understand the importance of the whole self…..mind, body, and spirit.  As we develop their knowledge of their bodies, we are thoughtful to help them make other associations as well.  Each day we use meditation as part of our morning routine and it is a short amount of time in which the children are asked to recognize their inner peace.  We ask them to visualize, love, peace, generosity, and happiness and to share with each other their thoughts. It is always a treat to hear their words and to see the children listen to and support each other.  These moments only take a few minutes of our day, but for the health of their little bodies, to include their minds and spirits, the whole self is greatly impacted!


As always, thank you for sharing your children with us each day and for supporting our classroom in so many ways!  We appreciate you.

Monica and Sarah

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Hot Topic: Homework

AMS homework AMS Homework 2

Homework policies are one of the topics being highlighted at the American Montessori Conference in Philadelphia today.  What are your thoughts about the homework assignments and/or activities that you did as a child?  How are they different or similar to those your child has experienced?  What are your thoughts on homework and its benefits or drawbacks?  We can’t wait for Mrs. Hill to return and share all she has learned.

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Primary 2 Blog Post

Hello Primary II Families!

January is typically a turning point in the Montessori classroom, a time where you can really see and feel that the children have “normalized.”  This is a term Maria Montessori used to describe the goal a teacher works so hard to achieve, when she is able to say, “the children are now working as if I did not exist.”  We are now seeing normalization in the Primary II classroom, and at times during our morning work period, Monica and I will smile at each other in acknowledgment that if we were to quietly slip out the door the children would keep working and not even notice.

In addition to our work in Practical Life, Sensorial, Math and Language, January was dedicated to all things space in our classroom!  We studied the characteristics of each planet and were amazed at how this topic seized their attention and wonder.  The children can recall the order of the planets; and can compare their sizes as well as their composition.  Make sure you ask your child a probing question about space; you will be delighted with their knowledge and excitement!  We also devoted the month of January to learn about the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his peaceful movement towards equality.  We had moving discussions during circle time, and were touched by the children’s understanding of what is unjust.  On Friday, the Kindergarteners will have the opportunity to hear Mr. Sonny Hereford speak about being the first African American child in the state of Alabama to attend a non-segregated school.  We look forward to his presentation each year, it is truly an honor.

February has gotten off to a great start with parent observations.  We have a visitor coming every day this month and we love the opportunity to share with you what your children do all day.  As a reminder, please make every effort to allow your child a successful start to their day by making sure drop-off is swift and your child is allowed to be independent.  This can be as small a detail as ensuring they are walking into the building rather than being carried.  This might seem minor, but it is incredibly important.  Let your child carry their own belongings into the classroom, and please make sure you are sending them with their MSH school bag.  Upon entering the classroom, it is the child’s responsibility to put their lunch and bag in their cubby and to hang their jacket on a hanger before continuing on to hand washing.  Every child has had a lesson and can do these tasks beautifully!  These simple things set the tone for the rest of the day.  If you are struggling with ways to help your child be independent, please come talk to Monica or me, we love to discuss this subject with parents!

As always, thank you for the gift of your children each day and supporting them in their Montessori journey.

Ms. Sarah and Ms. Monica


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