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Love, Liberty & Learning – Toddler II

Hello Friends,

Spring is finally here. We had a nice experience today doing yoga in the playground. Last week we started to plant herb seeds. We are going to start our garden this week. April 4, 2015 Saturday is our Multicultural Festival day. This year we are presenting North America. We have already started to work on different projects.

My sincere acknowledgement goes to:

~ Kelly and Chris (Roman’s parents, for donating money for classroom materials).

~ Maggie (Lucky’s mother, for helping us to do our art work for auction).

~ Genie and John (Jackson’s parents, for donating soil for our garden).
I would like to share my experience at the AMS conference in Philadelphia. I attended many sessions on toddler age group, such as art, language, and positive discipline. We need to provide the environment where they will be free to move and learn. The important concept that transpired from the sessions was bonding with children with love and affection, and to be creative as a teacher.

“We serve the future by protecting the present.” – Dr. Maria Montessori

I really feel fortunate to work with my kids. They give me so much scope to learn. I am thankful to MSH to give me the opportunity to work with them.

Have a great spring break!
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Toddler II

Hello friends!

Everyday we share love and care for each other in our classroom. But this is the month of Valentine’s Day. We are celebrating Valentine’s Day throughout this week in a special way. We are having fun cooking classes, making hearts, and working on our Valentine mail bags.

We are celebrating Montessori education week at the end of this month (23-27 February).  We are doing some special projects.

Love is important for life. “Love, like that which we feel for the child, must exist potentially between man and man, because human unity does exist and there is no unity without love.” – Maria Montessori.

With lots of love from Toddler-II teachers.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Toddler II December Blog

Hello friends,
I would like to give my parents a big thank you for putting the Thanksgiving feast together. We are almost at the end of the first semester. The time is going so fast. Last month’s Thanksgiving feast was fun. For Thanksgiving related art, we used natural elements such as pumpkins and leaves to make stamps with paint. They enjoyed using the natural elements as their artwork tools. We are also learning how to roll rugs nicely and carry the chair safely. They really help us cleaning the work and dusting the shelves once a week. For the Thanksgiving feast we made mashed potatoes to share with our other classes. We went to the other classrooms to give them the mashed potatoes; they really loved visiting other classes. They had a good opportunity to learn how to share. Afterwards, we talked about the meaning of sharing Thanksgiving food.

December will be short but busy month. We are going to do some holiday related artwork. Of course we are going to do cooking class with our regular classwork. We will have our holiday musical program on December 19.

From Toddler-II teachers, we wish you happy and safe holidays!

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Toddler II

We hope everyone is enjoying the nice fall weather! We are also enjoying
playing outside with colorful leaves. The children are really curious about different leaves. Also a few of them are really interested in observing various bugs. We have now a bug-watching container. Thanks to the Arthur family (Sloan) & Park family (Mason) who donated materials from the Small Hands catalog. The children are enjoying these so much. They always like new or different things to explore. Last week we celebrated Diwali and kids loved the different Diyas (oil lamps). We always try to explore new work in fun way. We also started compost for our garden. Their social development is really noticeable, such as helping others or comforting a friend when he/she is sad. It is a real pleasure to watch the toddlers growing and becoming complete human beings.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Toddler-II Teachers
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Toddler II May Blog


I can’t believe this is the last blog from the Toddler II classroom for this school year. I need to express my gratitude to my kids, my assistant teacher, the extended care teacher, administrative staff, and the board members for all that they have done. I would also like to thank Steve Stripling who always helps keep our classroom pretty. We all worked hard as a team and sailed smoothly throughout the year. I would also like to thank my parents for giving us their continuous support and their warm and friendly help.

Last month, Kelly (Roman’s mom), visited our classroom with her musician friends. They played three different kinds of string instruments: violin, viola and cello. The children enjoyed the program so much. Ms Kathy, our music teacher, is also bringing different musical instruments from different parts of the world into every music class. The children are so happy to experience these new instruments.

This month, we are wrapping up our observations of the life cycle of a butterfly. In the past few weeks, we watched as the little caterpillars turned to adult butterflies before our eyes. We are going to do an activity with the butterfly life cycle as an art project. We are watching our vegetable garden which we created from scratch grow daily, also.

This time of the year is a very happy, yet difficult and sad time for me because our older children are moving to primary class. We are going to miss them so much, but at the end of the year when I look back I see they have grown so much physically, socially, academically and mentally. That makes me so proud.

I can’t wait to see their happy faces walk through the door every morning. That makes me feel so good. I love reflecting back on all that I have learned from them this year.

I wish everyone a  fun, wonderful summer.

One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child.” – Dr. Maria Montessori
Jayati May 2014
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