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Why a Multi-Age Classroom in Montessori?

In a Montessori classroom, multi-age groupings offer a great range in the social,  intellectual and learning needs among the group of children.  In traditional classroom settings, where children are grouped according a single age or grade, the environment and curricula often reflect the expectation that children’s developmental and academic needs are progressing at the same pace. For this reason, children are often learning the same skill or lesson at the same time. This apparent similarity among the children can create competition to see who can complete the task fastest or who can make fewest mistakes.  In a Montessori classroom,  there is a variety and range of work occurring simultaneously by different children at different ages.

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The younger children often watch the older children at work.  They see the progression in learning as natural and look forward to being shown more complex and challenging tasks just as they have seen the older children doing.

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“They are aware of those around them, and one often sees the small ones intently watching the work of others, particularly the older ones.  In doing this they absorb much more than it seems,  and already preparing themselves for more active social participation in the community of the class.”
(Maria Montessori, Education For Human Development)

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Primary 1

Hello parents, I cannot believe it is almost the end of the school year!!  We had a great year!!  We really enjoyed every moment with your children.  Some of you are going to different schools and some of you are graduating and going to first grade. Ms. Alicia, Ms. Carol and I wish them all the best wherever they go.  We thank all our parents and children for taking time to make those wonderful cards!! We appreciate the beautiful flowers, chocolate and other goodies!!  And also for the delicious lunch!!  I know it is hard to take time to do all this at the end of the school year!!  We appreciate all our cooking parents and chaperone parents for driving us to field trips!!  We could not thank our fabulous room parents enough: Jane and Jenny!!!  They did an outstanding job!!  We will have a wonderful start next year!!  Also, a hearty thank you to our office staff for their incredible support throughout the year! If you have any questions during summer break, you are welcome to call me!!  We wish all our graduating and returning students a wonderful and safe summer!!  We will see our returning students and new students in August!!  We love you all!!

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Primary I November Blog

Hello everyone!  Cold days are here already!  Please make sure you check your children’s extra clothes boxes and bring in a warm change of clothes.  Please send in jackets, hats, mittens or gloves almost everyday.  We are helping your children put their own jackets, hats, and mittens on, but we don’t do it for them.  Please give them a chance to learn how to do it at home.  Special thanks to all our parents for being so generous buying small hands materials for our class!  We appreciate all your support!

November, we are learning about the first Thanksgiving, Indians, and pilgrims.  In  cooking class we made cornmeal muffins and Teepees with tortillas.  Our class is making cranberry relish to share with all our MSH friends.  On Tuesday November 25th, we will have small Feast in our class for our children.  It is so wonderful to hear what children are thankful for.  Ms. Alicia, Ms. Carol, and I are so thankful for the Montessori Method for our children and MSH and all our MSH friends!!

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Primary I May Blogpost

It is hard to believe that the end of school year has arrived!  Wow, what a year.  To better state that, what a great year!  We have learned a lot from each other and participated in many fun and exciting projects.  We made many new friends along the way, too.  Each of your children has brought such a joy and happiness to our classroom.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful group of children this year.  My friends and family often laugh at me when I refer to your children as ” my kids,” but  they are like my own children.  They all have touched our lives this school year in very positive and rewarding ways.  We hope that the children who are leaving us this year will keep in touch as the years go by.  Today’s technology can help us continue the relationships we have built.  We encourage and welcome correspondences from you and your children anytime.

We really appreciate all our parents, our staff,  administrators, and board members for your help and support all through year!  Thank you  for your part in making this a successful year.  Ms. Carol, Ms. Alicia, and I wish everyone a safe and fun summer!  We will see you in August!

Janaki May


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Primary I April Blogpost

We hope that everyone had a great time at the Multicultural Festival!  It is always wonderful to see how much the children enjoy preparing for this festival.  We are working on real practical life lessons in April and May.  The children have started preparing their own snack, and they will be washing their clothes the “old-fashioned way.”  In science, we will learn about butterflies, and in math, we will learn about money.  A special thank you to the parents, board, and administration for sending us to the AMS Montessori Conference last month.  The workshops were very inspiring.  It is always a wonderful experience spending time with fellow Montessori teachers. Thank you!


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