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Toddler I Blog Post

Getting a toddler to eat healthy and try new foods is something that often stumps parents. We often hear from parents, “My child only eats hotdogs;” “My child only eats chicken nuggets;” “I cannot get him to eat anything;” or “Meal time is often a battle.” Over the years we have found that the best way to encourage a toddler to try new things is to make them part of the process.

In May we planted our garden. The children were an active part of the planting and care of our garden. They loved digging in the dirt, watching the plants grow, caring for them, and harvesting what they planted. This summer, we enjoyed carrots and radishes from the primary garden, as well as tomatoes and butternut squash from our own garden. Surprisingly not only did most of the children eat the vegetables, but they loved them and asked for more!

Helping with food prep and simple cooking methods is a large part of the curriculum. As the school year progresses, the children will even begin to help prepare their daily snack. Encourage your children to help out where they can in the kitchen. Maybe ask them what they would like for dinner every now and then and have them help you pack their lunches. Helping with grocery shopping can also be a fun and exciting task for toddlers. They are little sponges at this age and love learning new things using their senses. What could be a better way to broaden their food horizons than getting them involved!

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Toddler II September Blog

Welcome everyone! We are happy and excited to start our off year so wonderfully. First I would like to thank Maggie Patrick (Lucky’s mommy) for being our room mom again for this year. Children are enjoying their work as usual. The big ones are really helping the little ones to get comfortable in the classroom.

Our September work plan is full of apples! We are going to taste apples, make apple sauce, and do some apple artwork with our usual Montessori curriculum. We are going to celebrate Johnny Appleseed’s birthday at the end of September. We also have plans to start our Fall garden at the end of this month too. Our music and Spanish classes will start from this month.

Please mark following dates in your calendar: MSH School Meeting is on Tuesday 09/16. We are going to celebrate Pinwheels for Peace on Friday 09/19. Friday October 3 is our Grandparents and Special Friends Day.

We are all looking forward to a very good and fruitful academic year. Thank you for sharing your precious ones with us. It is our pleasure to work with them.


Toddler-II Teachers


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Primary III — Ms. Shree, Ms. Kelly, & Ms. Verena


Welcome to another exciting new school year. We have a wonderful class this year. Thank you very much to Julie Blauwkamp (Ian’s mom) and Eden Fears (Lilli’s mom) for being our room parents. We all are having fun learning and getting adjusted together so much that we did not know that August went by so fast. We learned classroom and playground rules. The children enjoyed when they were introduced to Land and Water, and the names of the seven continents and painting them. We (both Kelly and I) would like to thank all the parents for the Birthday gifts. It is very thoughtful of you. Our Music classes with Ms. Kathy are going very well and children are enjoying music. This month we will study about Apples, spiders, and also about our first continent, North America. Our Society meeting is on September 16. Our class will participate in the International Day of Peace on September 19. We will make pinwheels for that event.  We are amazed at the effort put forth by all the children to make our classroom peaceful and respectful! September is really going to be an exciting month full of fun activities. Thanks to you all!

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Welcome (back) to MSH!

Welcome to the Montessori classroom.


Last week we welcomed old friends and new back to MSH for the start of the 2014-15 school year.  Without a doubt, this is shaping up to be our best year ever.  The reason for that is the amazing children and families who have returned and newly enrolled.


I’d like to thank families for sharing your children with us and choosing the gift of a Montessori education for your child.  It is the strongest and most multi-faceted foundation you can provide for your child.  I hope you will take time to view the video embedded with this post.  These parents are so articulate in sharing the benefits of our program.  We are affiliated with the American Montessori Society who produced this work and you will note the same materials and activities in the classrooms pictured that we utilize everyday.  The concepts of independence, nurture, order, and collaboration are integral to the method and to our motto at MSH, “Growing in knowledge, respect, and creativity.”


The Montessori method focuses on the triangle of child, prepared environment and teacher as the basis for learning.  At MSH, we think of the process as a circle encompassing the child, teacher, prepared environment and the child’s family.  We look forward to partnering with you to make this year a journey of creativity, inspiration and joyful learning.


As we encourage collaboration between students in the classroom, we hope you will collaborate with your teachers, staff and other families.  Any staff member at MSH can be reached by their first name  If you check the school calendar, you will note official conference dates on October 24 and March 13, but we can schedule a conference at other times you need.  You can also leave a note on the sign-in sheet if you would like for the teacher to give you a call.


Mornings are a time of focus and preparation as the teacher welcomes your child to class and to work.  Circle times generally start around 9am.  To protect the quiet focus of the morning work time we will pull sign-in sheets into the office at 9am and you can sign your child in there and a staff member will be happy to get your child safely to class.  Sign out sheets will be returned to the teachers’ door at the conclusion of the work period which coincides with lunch time and toddler short-day dismissal


If you have a concern or question, that cannot be answered by the teacher do not hesitate to stop by the office.  We have two wonderful office assistants who are also MSH parents, Adriane Castro and Karen Nielsen.  Jennifer Stark and I will also be willing to help in any way possible. Our mission is to provide an environment that nurtures children to reach their fullest potential and maintain an open partnership with parents and families.  Thank you for joining us on this mission.

With Appreciation,

Allison MacKenzie

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Primary III May blogpost

Our school year has come to an end. I would like to start by saying thank you to all the parents for helping make this school year fun, creative, and successful, and most importantly, I would like to thank our children. They are truly amazing people. It is quite humbling to be a part of their growth and development.

While some of our extended family is returning next school year, some will be moving on. We wish all of those moving on to new roads in their life the very best and hope they take with them warm, loving memories of their time with us at MSH. To those who will be returning, have a safe, fun and relaxing summer break, and we will meet again in August.

This time of year is always so bittersweet for us. On one hand my heart breaks to see my friends go, and in the same breath, my heart swells with pride for how amazing they have become on this journey together. I suppose this is what love is all about. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for sharing your children with us.

Many Blessings,

Ms. Kelly, Ms. Shree & Ms. Verena

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